About Us

Developing the potential of the whole child:

The spirit, the body and the mind.


The Children’s House of Wellington is a nurturing environment of educators and families which aims to support through the prepared Montessori environment the development of each child’s potential through activities that promote independence, physical coordination, emotional growth, social competence, cognitive preparation and spiritual nourishment.


  1. To provide an environment that encourages independence, self-initiated activities, and self-discipline.
  2. To encourage freedom of movement and activities that promote the physical coordination of both small and large motor movements, self-help skills, and eye-hand coordination.
  3. To maintain an environment where children are competent individuals who can solve their own problems, learn at their own pace and in their own style, and achieve self-confidence in their own abilities.
  4. To create a mixed-aged, social environment where the children learn cooperation, sharing and respect for one another and their environment.
  5. To provide cognitive experiences that stimulate the child’s curiosity, sensory development, thinking and reasoning skills, memory, language development, and knowledge of the world around him/her.
  6. To foster intellectual growth by providing an environment that allows for a child’s natural love of learning.
  7. To provide children with a rich academic and cultural curriculum that respects their own abilities, needs and interests.
  8. To nourish a spiritual sense of wonder and respect for our world and its life forms.
  9. To create a Montessori community that shares knowledge of Montessori practice and principles between teachers, parents, and the wider community.





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